Creative Path



“Together we find new ways to create and define self-expression.”


The intermodal nature of the arts is central to my Expressive Arts Therapy approach. Encouraging all the way’s we humans express ourselves in the different stages of life. Using line, shape, movement, colour, sound, words, play, and collaborative creations, to define ourselves and our self-expression in new and sometimes…unexpected ways!

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visual arts

sculpture and installation

body adornment



poetic writing

creative play

collaborative creation


Creative work with children has a strong play orientation, exploring “how one comes to creativity” while stimulating both cognitive and intuitive processing through full-bodied experiential creation.


Creative work with youth while still playful moves into a more “self-based phenomenology,” where they are the central character in their world, exploring relational identity, from the inside out.


Creative work with adults while still playful and phenomenological, focuses on an “issue-based approach,” as in what has brought them to seek creative support. Working to find expressions that will help them move through their conflict into a place of wellness and vision.


Creative work with seniors/elders focuses on their lived experiences, through memories, story sharing, and legacy creation. Finding the “just right” form of expression to honor and support the gifts they carry.


Creative work with groups (families, care providers, communities and or business), focus on interactive art-making to unravel and re-shape. Cultivating a capacity to share, witness and be in dialogue with… learning to honour and respect different experiences, lived and imaginal, seeking cultural counsel or supportive experts when needed.


Creative Path helps people of all ages and capacities to redefine who they are and how they wish to engage in the world around them, using art making as a tool for wellness, and vision. This collaborative, holistic practice stays relevant, responsive, and transformative to all things creative, while honouring diverse voices and unique stories.


Integrity: Maintaining a co-creative environment that supports individuals and communities to find their “just right” form of expression, moving them through their conflict into a place of wellness and vision.

Responsibility: Creating an interactive, empathetic, and ethical environment grounded in therapeutic rapport; A space free from everyday restrictions where people can reimagine and redefine who they are through creative expression.

Playfulness: A willingness to venture into the unknowns, where the unexpected can be discovered and unique ways of seeing things can be affirmed through a rich, collaborative rapport.

Inclusiveness: Breaking down barriers that reinforce social stigmas and racialized stereotypes; Welcoming new artistic expressions that honours people of all ages, backgrounds, and differences.

Transformation: Allowing people to be and create in rich, imaginative ways, by asking questions like, who am I? and, who do I wish to be”?

Value: Being open and encouraging to all the ways we humans express ourselves in the different stages of life. Learning to accept our imperfections and asking for help when we may need it.