Creative Path



“This creative, multimodal treatment approach is unique to Thunder Bay and surrounding area.”


I am an Expressive Arts Therapist (EXAT), Arts Educator and Facilitator, providing collaborative art-based experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds, and capacitiesBuilding on an extensive career as theatre designer, I bring an ability to shape spaces, adorn characters and explore alternative narratives, strengthening my capacity to use the creative process as a therapeutic tool for transformation and healing. 

In 2017 I become a certified EXAT, earning a Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in Psychology (Create Institute and the European Graduate School), expanding my practice to respond to the unique needs of individual clients and groups through a personalized, multimodal approach with true therapeutic outcomes. My education along with my own lived experience as a dyslexic thinker helping others move beyond previously restrictive situations, using the arts as an alternative language where creative expression can shape adversities into clear, emotional form. My goal always, to meet clients where they are at through empathetic engagement and believe passionately that the arts can facilitate personal & social change.


Creative Path, located in Thunder Bay, ON, is a small studio practice with a mobile component offering Expressive Arts Therapy and community-engaged programming that can travel both physically and virtually into an individual homes, schools, community centres, place of nature, and partnership locations. (COVID restrictions applicable)

All Services are tailored to the individual or group, allowing participants/clients to use art as a tool for self-expression in a comfortable and safe way. Guiding participants/clients through an individualized, experiential, creativity-based process, combining my expressive arts training, theatre expertise and community work to create a dynamic and hands-on experience with true therapeutic outcomes. Through my work with intergenerational groups, participant expertise filters through community and creates a place for voice and ailments to be expressed and honoured. This creative, multimodal treatment approach is unique to Thunder Bay and surrounding areas and provides alternative options for individuals/groups seeking non-traditional therapy in Thunder Bay.